Country Wisdom News interviews Gabriel Heymann

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Headquartered in New Paltz and produced in Saratoga, Smart Beer is New York’s first and only organic beer company. Since its launch last November, the fledgling brand has seen its distribution rapidly expand. Smart Beer’s IPA and Golden Ale are offered in Westchester, New York City, and Long Island, and this July, the company hit another milestone when its organic products hopped the border into New Jersey.

“When I had the idea for Smart Beer five years ago, I was transitioning out of the music industry,” says Smart Beer founder, Gabriel Heymann. “What I loved about the craft beer industry, was that it really reminded me culturally of what the music industry had just gone through: this renaissance where independent, local music became the mainstream thing that people were really into. When I talked to people about my idea, they believed I could create it; that home brewers could become beer companies. That’s really the ethos of the craft beer scene; that it does start local and it does start small.”

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