Beer for a Smarter Lifestyle

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Last year, as Gabriel Heymann was starting Smart Beer LLC, he felt as if “it was really bringing together everything in my life.” He was an environmental studies major, always aware of how society’s consumer choices affect our natural world. Meanwhile he is now a former rocker, aware of the interplay between drinking, music, nightlife and celebration. Above all he is a yogi, and as he learned in yogi training, “No matter what you go off and do, you’re teaching yoga.”

Smart Beer is New York’s first and only certified organic beer. The brewery offers two varieties: an Organic Golden Ale, made with herbal ingredients including licorice root and orange peel, and their newly released Organic IPA, a must-have for most craft brands. All of their ingredients are grown in the United States and sourced as locally as possible, and the beer is produced in Saratoga. Smart Beer is crisp, with enough flavor to satisfy the craft beer–drinker’s palette while remaining refresh- ing enough for hot summer days. For the kind of shopper who seeks out locally and sustainably produced food, trying Smart Beer would be a no-brainer. Oddly and unfortunately, as the scarcity of organic beers suggests even during this craft-beer renaissance, even the people who usually buy organic food are not buying that many organic beers. At least in our region, Smart Beer presents the foodie drinker with a beer that will satisfy their consumer values.


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